I spend my time across these few projects:

Secession Records: I’m the founder of this Australian contemporary music label through which I release my various music, sound art incarnations and collaborations. The label also releases various works from artists such as Steve Law, Ollie Olsen and Future Eater.

Performance and composition: My various projects include the Terminal Quartet, Fierce Throat, Son of Science & Staatenlose Ensembles (the latter focuses on the Auslaender opera with live machinima from video artist and producer, John Power), Lost Time Accident, Headlock, Black Harlequin and, would you believe, Andrew Garton – solo voice and acoustic guitar! Co-founder of this online and digital media consultancy company based on open licensing / platform principles. We are the Australian member of the Association for Progressive Communications. In our various incarnations we developed some of the earliest content management systems in Australia, some of which are still in use! We provide training, workshops and consultancy on web 2.0 and open source / standards applications for civil society and the community media sector in particular. This includes the Video Sprint rights management and production workshops.

Toy Satellite: I co-founded Toy Satellite in 1995 and over its ten year life span produced a significant number of new media projects and events, commissions and collaborative initiatives both in Australia and abroad. We specialised in streaming and generative sound, interaction design and innovative web design.

Creative Commons: I’ve initiated various CC based projects in Australia and have promoted open licenses in general for several years now. Most notebaly were the two Video Slam events for Arts Law Week Victoria and OPEN CHANNEL.

Micro-docs: After years of project development and many grant applications and the administration required to aquite them, I’ve gone back to very basic, DIY video production. I’m producing several series of micro-docs, time permitting, making what I can freely available under CC licenses. Online at  either EngageMedia or Vimeo.