gone to stone

In the 1990s I established some of the earliest Internet networked art events in Australia and continued to work with streaming technologies, generative soundworks and collaborative, cross-disciplinary projects, exploring broader interpretations of screen culture and the moving image. I had also contributed to the establishment of the first national community computer network in Australia, Pegasus Networks, from 1989 and moved on to building the Pactok Pacific Island and South East Asia network for NGOs from 1992, partaking in the founding years of the Association for Progressive Communications and Interdoc-Asia Pacific.

I graduated in 2001 with a Master of Arts in Interactive Media at RMIT University. I ran the new media arts collective Toy Satellite for 10 years and was interactive media consultant and informal artist in residence at the Australian Centre of the Moving Image during its formative years. From 2005 – 2007 I was proud to have been OPEN CHANNEL’s inaugural Program Director where I continued to develop my long interest and passion for screen culture.

I am currently Secretary of the Executive Board of the Association for Progressive Communications, Producer / Digital Media Advisor for apc.au and on the founding committee of Open Spectrum Australia.

When not travelling I live with my records, books and synthesisers and… when time permits, I release my various projects (Terminal Quartet, Son of Science, Lost Time Accident) through the artist run Secession Records.

Contact: ag at toysatellite dot org


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Mark Silver

    A query to you Andrew ( or anyone else..).I was drawn to your interest in video diaries & stories but missed you talk in July ( with Tinitin Wullia at Open Chanel), This is an idea I am working on in a differentt way… with ACMI & Digital Stortlling & an integerational component through meetings with school kids and the eldelry……. Just wanted to touch base and get an idea of what else might be out there and what you may be doing Andrew…sorry you are leaving open chanel but I’m sure to new adventures (:-)

    all the best Mark Silver

  2. Hi Mark… You should still go about contact OPEN CHANNEL if you wanted to work with them in some capacity… they produced a very early video diaries series, very similar to digital storytelling, going back to 1994.

    I may be working with OPEN CHANNEL in the new year on Talking Docklands, an initiative for the residents of that area. I’ll be around… Keep your ear to the ground 🙂


  3. Adam Del Mastro

    Hey Andrew…

    You are in town! If you don’t remember me, I was the 2006 Short & Sharp guy; made the kissing movie – Still.

    I would love to give you a copy of Still, so that you could finally see it. Is Secession open to Joe Public?

    Talk soon, mate…

  4. Was in Melbourne briefly at the tail end of 2007 and have been in South Africa, mostly Cape Town since. Back in Oz now till early July, but only in Melbourne till around the 8th of June. Look forward to catching up, Adam.

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