Moving on


End of May I leave for my final appointment as Board member of the Association for Progressive Communications . That’s pretty much 25 years of voluntary work with this unique and tireless organisation. I think I’ve been on the Board for three terms now, the last two as Secretary.

At recent meetings I’ve marvelled at the eagerness and dynamism of our new team members, a new generation of internet savvy rights activists, researchers, writers and poets.

My first official overseas APC appointment was at the first United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio, 1992. I saw there how well we could live together in spite of the machine guns over-looking our meeting spaces and the homeless spirited away.

When ever I hear of a new permaculture initiative, another clean energy solution, great ways of feeding and nourishing people with minimum resources I feel we have so much more to live for… and this evening hearing the outstanding BLOW perform at The Horn in Collingwood I want to know that we as a species will live long and fruitful lives in the harvest of our creations…


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