TONG TANA – a fusion cabaret


Début performance of TONG TANA – cabaret as structured improvisations composed and performed by Andrew Garton and Benguela with visualist, Andrew Parker.

Friday 31 July, 8pm, Alliance Francaise, 550 Loop St, Cape Town. R50, bring your digital cameras.

Début performance of a unique collaboration with legendary South African sound illusionists, Benguela and Australian born, nomadic composer and media artist, Andrew Garton.

TONG TANA (Penan for “into the forest”) is fusion cabaret combining improvisation, operatic texts and soundscapes, extreme vocals and an immersive visual performance and viewing enclosure.

TONG TANA includes Garton’s Drift Theory: each performer composes unique theme based movements in isolation, to be performed and heard for first time, within a structured arrangement, to a live audience.

Benguela (L-R, Alex Bozas, Ross Campbell, Brydon Bolton)

Benguela (L-R, Alex Bozas, Ross Campbell, Brydon Bolton)

TONG TANA will be accompanied by projected visual works by Garton and Cape Town’s Andrew Parker. These comprise of Garton’s installation series, NOTHINGKNOWN, based on the forest communities of Sarawak, many of whom are struggling to sustain their rights to customary land.

These include the Penan, one of over 30 indigenous communities in Sarawak, located on the island of Borneo, who have prevented the logging of their forests for over 30 years, and continue to do so, but at significant cost.

TONG TANA brings a microcosm of Sarawak’s indigenous communities to Cape Town in a unique, one time only performance combining Garton’s immense vocal capacities, soundscape and media arts skills with the legendary sonic armoury of South Africa’s Benguela and visual installation mastery of Cape Town’s, Andrew Parker.

Andrew Parker (aka Image Master Blink)

Andrew Parker (aka Image Master Blink)

Tong Tana is presented by Secession Records in association with Alliance Francaise and with the support of the Association for Progressive Communications.

Artwork by Andrew Thomas from NO EXIT, Black Harlequin, a spoken word opera by Andrew Garton.


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