Making Out On Top


Began writing this tune about a year ago. Started out a lot rockier, but by the time I’d got to Cape Town, it slowed down considerably. Its first public debut was performed along with Benguela guitarist, Alex Bozas, who encouraged me to slow it down even more. This version is about as ponderous as it’ll get and by far the most gritty to perform.

  • 1 guitar
  • 1 voice
  • 4 days
  • Countless tweaks and remixes
  • Countless coffees
  • Only 1 glass of wine
  • 1 shot of schnapps
  • Left over curry
  • Pack of cigs
  • Three countries
  • Encouraging feedback

Comments, feedback, concerns, likes and dislikes, suggestions and encouraging remarks welcome.


4 thoughts on “Making Out On Top

  1. yo sifu! two gtr tracks. one an entire octave down. all gtr parts recorded with my ibanez lone star and 5 month old strings. helps to get that muted twang.

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