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I was recently asked by colleagues in Spain to assist with a forthcoming project which may see me back in Barcelono some time in the new year. As part of their work, they have students in Guatemala completing their final projects for an ICT4D (Information Communication Technologies for Development) program.

“One aspect of the work is to design tools for producing multimedia content (audio/video or animations) to teach Quiche (a Mayan dialect) to illiterate people and also for teaching reading and writing.”

For many reasons, teaching complex video editing packages for use on PCs running either Windows or Linux just isn’t an option. However, with net access being less of an issue, they’re seeking online applications that are simple for teachers to develop to learn and produce material that can be incorporated into lesson plans, basically to assist in literacy development.

I’ve found the following three web apps:

Anyone know of others, preferably multilingual if at all possible?

6 thoughts on “Editing video online

  1. found these ones.. though haven’t tried them. though I think I’ll have a play and see how some work.

    a review here : http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/jaycut_online_video_editor.php
    & the same guy reviewed a few online video apps : http://www.readwriteweb.com/archives/video_editing_20_8_ways_to_remix_videos.php where he lists a few (the ones u’ve listed plus more)

    motionbox (http://www.motionbox.com/)
    http://www.techcrunch.com/2006/04/02/motionbox-best-online-video-sharing-so-far/ has a review with links to some others.

    (from comments & googl & reviews)
    videoegg (http://www.videoegg.com/)
    grouper (www.grouper.com)

    I asked on the videoblogging list, so hopefully some of the guys there will have some ideas. will post more if I come across some.

    (http://toonamation.com/ & toonit sound cool – probably not what you’re after though!)

  2. Thanks for the suggestions! I wonder if you know of any web based FOSS application for video editing (and even capture). That would help us to install it at our servers (more locally), adapt the interface carefully to our users, be able to work with larger videos, and be able to integrate it with the rest of web apps.

  3. Thanks, Kath… excellent! The ExtremeTech article is very useful indeed…

    Leandro, I’m not sure about direct capture, but I’d take a very close look at Plumi which supports server-side transcoding, and since a few days ago, supports the ogg (open source) video codec.


    Check out http://ngoinabox.org/ and look for the Audio/Video edition which recommends open source applications for Mac/Windows/Linux.

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