Fire Food


My “other” sister and her bloke, that’s Annette and Ian, are both well into their cooking. And why wouldn’t they be? The Garton’s are traditionally kitchen fiends and with three Taurus’s in the family, we are bound to demand significant culinary enthusiasm from our partners…

So, I helped them out once more with a new website… this time, getting them into the wide world of blogs, where they can share their fine and fiery creations, particularly Ian, who knows what to do with blachan and where this stuff comes from.

Got a hot food recipe to share, tell Whitepppa, or is that White Pappa?


2 thoughts on “Fire Food

  1. whitepeppa

    To you, Andrew, it’s WhitePappa. I’m your elder, after all, not that that means anything… lol….
    Thanks for your help. Although I still haven’t solved all the mysteries of blogging, I’m getting there.
    “Fire Food”.. what a great title. I have a lot (relatively) to say about chillies in my hamper’s accompanying book, “Cheat Cooking for Bachelors, Bikies and Chicks who SAY they can’t Cook.” Too much text for blog. I’ll find a way to publish that section online somehow over the next few days.

  2. You can split up your postings so that, say, the first paragraph appears on the home page of your blog and the rest of the piece is available when selecting “more” or the article title.

    There’s a “split page” icon in the WordPress editor that should make it easier for you to get large pieces online.

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