Why I did not die last night


I was fast asleep and dreaming. I was a little older and playing in a band. I think Steve Law was there. Looked like he was playing guitar…

I was hunched over my keyboards… we were playing outdoors to a huge crowd. It was late afternoon. There was a gorgeous sunset. Suddenly there was this god awful noise, like the speakers had blown but louder… I looked up as Steve yelled “What the fuck?!” I saw the entire world around consumed by this intense burst of hot white light that engulfed everything. It was heading straight for me. I ducked when WHAM! It had totally consumed me and I thought now the pain would come, but I felt this overwhelming warmth and then my conciseness expanded… expanded rapidly to the furthermost stars and beyond. I could still sense my body and then I could see it hunched there, a shell, and my stomach felt hollow as my field of comprehension grew at a pace. It was at that point that I woke and repeated the dream over and over until I got up and fixed the coffee.

I did not die. I woke up! But something happened!

As I rode to work I started singing

I lay my head on yer pillow,
fires burning at the window…

A lovely melody grew there… I sang those few words over and over till I got to Docklands when a few more words appeared…

They said you’d be cold of heart…

But damit! That’s it… I can’t remember the rest. That’s it! End of story…


4 thoughts on “Why I did not die last night

  1. Roy Garner

    Who can say whether the beating of a butterfly’s wings or a fleeting thought or a dream holds the secret of the big bang?
    When you glance over your shoulder, there’s another world running for cover.
    When you step into the wilderness, the wilderness retreats to safe havens…
    Apocalypse later, please! Today, it’s a coffee and the company of friends, the rattle and screech of trams taking a bend.

  2. Roy Garner

    Hmm! Very interesting…expanding consciousness…empty stomach…and coffee. Could there be a connection here? Could the “white light” be the spirit of inspiration overwhelming you, forcing you, as it were, to expand your envelope, explore new realms. new forms?

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