View from Camp Exile


View from my Ithala house

2006-03-19_sth-africa 005.jpg

I have a self contained house, the furtherest from just everyone… Camp Exile… Gorgeous… One must walk through a smidgen of bush to get to it, at the end of the path, amidst cactus trees of vast proportions.


2 thoughts on “View from Camp Exile

  1. jc

    Hey, minus the rocks and cactus it looks quite like the savanah of Melbourne’s Royal Park and zoo 🙂

    Speaking of which. Commuting on bicycle through there last week, running late for work (one eye on the GPS trip computer top score, the other on pedestrians and trams) I suddenly came upon Royal Park Zoo train station road blockade with police and Commonwealth Games personnel standing by the fences. Huh? No way was I turning back late cranky city office gear hurtling downhill on a red bike… in a split second I saw on the road some athletic African men in fancy lycra approaching on bike on the road… so I jumped the kerb and joined their party in order to pass… while the crowds cheered from the barricade I overtook these handsome athletic African men on bikes, with the sounds of “Oi! (get off the track)” and “Go go go” I overtook them (they must have been on triathlon or something, riding conservatively) and passed them.

    Moments later, still peddling as fast as possible up the slight hill beside the zoo, a single monkey howling laughing cracked the crisp morning air.

    Another morning in Melbourne.

  2. amazed that you were able to ride alongside the runners…

    and yes, it smells very much like a zoo, or rather a zoon smells much like nature ought to smell when one lives amongst wildlife.

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