What’s happened to SOS?


After a heady start to 2004 and lots of enthusiasm for the Son of Science Ensemble, the gigs just dropped off. And I dropped out. Ran out of money to keep the project going, but a come back is assured.

The album, mastered earlier in the year will be due out as soon as we have artwork for it completed. Be on the look out for a CD, pots of curry and video cameras… a launch is immanent!

One thought on “What’s happened to SOS?

  1. Roy Garner

    Son of Science: A fantastic musical journey

    This is a fantastic musical journey into strange spacesócyberspace, intergalactic space, or the subterraneanówith places and rumours of places, like the haunting noises heard on an empty train platform late at night, redolent of arrivals and departures; high, screaming noises, brakes, sirens in the distance, or bells, the relentless beat of a disco at the end of time … found sounds, synthesised, morphed sounds, take-no-prisoners sounds that move on impetuously; indistinct but seemingly profound human utterance, trailing off to a beat, another place.

    This opus moves relentlessly from one associative node to the next, with a tantalising mix of the familiarólike the haunting strains of Eduardo Di Capua’s O sole mio!óand the strange, the intimate and the distant.

    These well-crafted soundscapes never fail to surprise and delight as you are transported though a new music of the spheres. You will at times find yourself chuckling, too, at the musical jokes without words, with their hint of the bizarre.

    How can one encapsulate this experience adequately? Catch the next train! Go and hear it!

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