Bulgarian Mushrooms


I seem to have an affinity with mushrooms. Either they seek me out, or I do them. Whilst taking a walk through a forest a few kilometers outside of Varna with some friends from the APC meeting, we came across these cheeky, delightful children of what must surely be ancient Bulgarian spore.

2005-10-08_APC-CM 015.jpg

2005-10-08_APC-CM 024.jpg

2005-10-08_APC-CM 025.jpg

2005-10-08_APC-CM 026.jpg

2005-10-08_APC-CM 027.jpg

2005-10-08_APC-CM 028.jpg

2005-10-08_APC-CM 029.jpg

2005-10-08_APC-CM 030.jpg

2005-10-08_APC-CM 032.jpg

Even though this chap is quite old, it still had presence and personality… it was huge!


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