Eulogy for a domain name


The domain address, as of today, has been de-registered.

In discussions with Grant (c2o Technical Director) it was suggested that closing the address would reduce a significant amount of spam. A rather drastic action, but we haven’t used that domain name, officially, for nearly 5 years.

Our first address was:

A year or so after forming Toy Satellite, when Justina and I moved out of our tiny North Fitzroy Flat and took up residence on Webb St, we registered:

There was a great deal of confidence that came with the registration of that name.

Toy Satellite, due to the expense of hosting locally, and the fact that Pegasus was going from bad to worse, we were hosted in the US. I can’t recall the first company we were with, but before we returned to Australia we were with Pro Hosting.

During this period we registered:

This domain lapsed when our former technical director had been unable to inform us of the need to renew it. By the time I found out, within only a couple of hours of it lapsing, it had been purchased and made available for sale at an unreasonable price. That was the first of our domains to leave the family.

It was a fine day when we were able to move all our online resources to c2o, regardless of the fact that c2o did not support any where the number of services Pro Hosting offered at that time. was registered when we were “acquired” by Ltd (trading as c2o, Toy Satellite and Secession Records).

Despite the baggage that comes with owning a, I do feel like the passing of an old friend. Or, as Justina prefers to put it, that we “think of it like pruning.”

    Pruning : “… the practice of removing diseased, overmature, or otherwise unwanted portions… to encourage denser growth or more profuse or delayed flowering…” (Wikipedia)

There is, I believe, a lot more of that to come. For the best I hope.

Farewell… you will be easier than most things to forget.

One thought on “Eulogy for a domain name

  1. RIP… Wonderful things have been born under the successor domain, and I am sure that with the shedding of the old growth, even more remarkable things will blossom.

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