Live: Garton, Curtis at Submerge


A 16 minute sample from a live set at Submerge, recorded 30 January 2005. The opening underscore is from Russian composer, Boro Cloth, with text by penned Sydney based composer/film-maker, David Nerlich, and narrated by yours truely.

2005-01-30_Submerge 017.jpg
Sunday morning, inner-stage, Submerge, Opeia Eco-Arts Retreat.

  • Andrew Garton: Laptop (samples, beat processing, sequencing), theremin/ring modulator, PMA5/synthesis, voice
  • Justina Curtis: Violin, SH101, champagne

Garton, Curtis Live at Submerge [MP3, 15.3MB]

Submerge poster
Submerge poster.

Commencing the set, 5am!

Garton, Curtis
Garton and Curtis.

Garton, Curtis

Garton, Curtis

Photos: Temporal Expansion


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