Not a bad day for it…


I was born the year of the Cuban Missile Crisis (thanks for reminding me Craig), not in Cuba, but in Guildford, outer western Sydney, Australia. According to Astrozone I should be making something of this day:

“Today the New Moon lunates in your sign and begins a new cycle of personal development. Your unique characteristics are highlighted. This is the perfect time to take a new direction or change your style, things like that. You have more chance of succeeding now than at any other time. Like plants sown in the garden, yours will flower beautifully if you do this now. Initiating projects today will prove successful. Talk money matters over tonight if you need to.”

I got to bed at 4 this morning spending much of the night tidying up our bookkeeping, writing and sending off letters, striking out those entries that accumulate all too readily on my to do lists…

I wanted to clear the muck, and there’s more to clear, to ensure I don’t drag the crap from the 1st half of my lift into the 2nd.

Thus far I’ve spent the day reading (Don Watson’s ‘Death Sentence’) and sorting out some technical issues on a project we’re doing with the APC. Probably spent more time on this computer than I’d planned to…

Hadn’t been out of bed more than 10 minutes when I got a call from Ben Harkin. He’s directing the play, “Happy New” and I’ll be doing sound design for it. The play is, as I described to Ben, “right down my dadaist alley…” Which reminds me… Justina got me two bottles of Zubrovka, a lovely bunch of deep red bush flowers and two 3d postcards, circa 1964, Japan. All so very dada-bass driven… (family joke).

Yes, a mix of work, knowledge gathering and cafes have set the pace and mood for the day. And with both Supercat and Justina nursing colds, I shall have plenty of time to myself as the rest of this day, better than most, plays out.