Spotted – my rig!


Whlist contributing to a thread about hardware versus software on the Aus-Noise list, someone asked whether the gear on this page looked familier:

Electronic Music and Audio – Analogik, Brisbane, Australia

In fact, it’s mine! This photo looks like it was taken when we were performing Undercurrents at the Power House, Brisbane, for the Multimedia Arts Asia Pacific Festival.


5 thoughts on “Spotted – my rig!

  1. ag

    The project/tour was called Undercurrents and grew from the launch of the Taipei International Arts Festival we were commissioned to produce early 2001. The east coast tour took place late 2001. Jimi Chen is presently producing the first beach party in China. Big Love features DJs and electronica artists from Taiwan, China and Japan including DJ Ty… Bound to be quite an achievement to pull off given what could be considered as political constraints.

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